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Welcome to Auto Auction of New England
Frequently Asked Questions

Please don't hesitate to call us with any additional questions at 603.437.5700.

  • How do I get an Auction ID card? Once your application and authorization is complete you will be notified then simply come to the auction during normal business hours and bring your valid driver's license. You can get an application online or contact Dealer Registration at 603-437-5700 x 522 or
  • Once you are registered with the Auto Auction of New England you will remain in our database as a member. Each year, your business will be asked to update information in order to keep your membership active.
  • How do I add a representative to my dealership? Request and complete an authorization form to be signed by the Dealership President.
  • How do I pay for my purchases? You are expected to pay for your purchases day of sale. You can either floor plan your vehicles, pay by check (if approved - approval takes approximately 1 week) or pay by cash (includes certified check, bank check & money orders).
  • How do I Floor Plan? As soon as you arrive, check in with the counter staff and tell them with whom you are floorplanning. You should be approved by your selected Floor Planner (Auto-Use, AFC, Etc.) prior to attending.
  • When can I pick up vehicles I purchased? Vehicles can be picked up 24 hours per day 7 days per week with a valid gate pass.
  • When can I request a number for the following week's sale? You can request a number on sale day at 1pm for the following week's sale.
  • Do you have Financing available through Auto Auction of New England? Yes. An Auto Use Representative is available for questions and to provide you with an application every Thursday. To reach Auto Use call Dealer Development at 800-873-2907 or go to
  • What lists are available and where do I find them? Available for sale lists are available in the "dealer's only" section of the website. These lists are also available on a table in the lobby on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Can I bring a guest to the auction? Why doesn't the auction allow retail customers? The auction is a place of business for professionals like yourself and to ensure wholesale prices we ask only licensed dealers and their buyers to attend. This rule is strictly enforced.
  • Can I bring my child to the auction? No. No one under the age of 16 is allowed in the auction bays. We would not want anyone's child injured at our Auction. This is a very fast paced environment.
  • What time does the auction start? The INOP/Oversized sales begin at 9:15 in the F and G Lanes. The regular Auction begins at 10:00 sharp.
  • How do I get a Market Report? Market reports are available at the auction for the entire month that they are published. You can also view the market report online and if you have an email address registered with the Marketing Department, it will be emailed to you monthly as well.
  • How do I get a Hotel Reservation or Airport pick up? There are several links to local hotels available on the Travel Information page that will provide you with an Auto Auction of New England rate or if you prefer, you can call anyone in the Marketing Department who would be happy to make your hotel reservation or arrange for you to be picked up at the airport.
  • How long does it take to get my title after I purchase a vehicle? If you purchased a vehicle with title, it will be available on the day of sale before 6pm. If the vehicle was purchased T/A, the consignor has 10 business days to produce the title. For additional information on TA vehicles, please read the arbitration policies listed on the Services page.